Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harvest Moon

Tonights full moon is the harvest moon, so called because supposedly farmers can use the light of the moon to finish bringing in the crops. It would be nice to have a little more time, but the moon isn't quite bright enough to tell whether a tomato is ripe enough. So, what are we harvesting by daylight? Canning and table grade tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, bok choy, pumpkins, winter squash, gourds, basil (parsley, dill, and cilantro, too), cornstalks, and corn.
Last week dad started picking from the "late" tomatoes. They will be producing up through October, if there is no frost. It's a gamble on the weather, or rather, more of a gamble than usual. We also planted a late patch of some cucumbers and zucchini, and they may be ready soon also.
Ashes and Charlie are fighting over who gets to pose with the pumpkins!
Besides different sizes of the standard jack-o-lanterns, we have pale ones that look like a cheese wheel, bright red warty ones, white pumpkins, white with orange lacey markings, and blue Jaradales. In fact, all of the special colors are actually types of squash, not true pumpkins, but they all look very pretty together. There are also many different types of squash. This weekend we'll bring in more, and I'll try to create a list of all the different kinds that we have. Till then, happy harvest, and enjoy watching the leaves turn.