Saturday, September 8, 2007

Never a dull moment--even when you want one

At about three this morning I awoke to the sound of squealing brakes and then a lot of loud but uncreative profanity. Two foolish kids had run off the road, sideswiped a tree, and then drove into our flower garden. They did not appear to be seriously hurt. The purported driver passed a field sobriety test, though she only had her learner's permit. The other girl did not pass. Nothing important was damaged this time, but they narrowly missed hitting another tree head on. This is why they tell you to obey the speed limit and not to drink and drive. While I'm giving out free advice that people who read farm blogs probably don't need, I'll also suggest that we may have problems keeping the garden under control, but even so the weeds do not make an effective hiding place when the police come to investigate an accident scene.