Friday, May 31, 2013

Plants in the Ground!

Yesterday mom and dad braved the heat to plant lettuce and cabbage.  The white plastic is to reflect summer heat for these cool-loving crops.  Dad was able to adjust the tractor speed so slowly that mom could plant both sides at once without stopping or getting off and going back to redo them!

This morning I was off work and helped to plant the "vine crops" : zucchini, cucumbers, melons.  We also added a few (about 30 plants--that's a few) acorn squash and small butternut squash at the end. They will come in earlier than the rest of the winter squash, which is still in the greenhouse.

Things are being planted in the Flat Field.  You know it's western PA when we can specify which field it is by calling it the flat one.  It's a ways from the house, so for irrigation water dad has the plastic hose running from the house.  It snakes down the hill and around to the fields he will be planting this year.  In this picture, trees obscure it, but the farmhouse would be at the extreme right side, up the hill.

Speaking of snakes, do you see what I saw in the lane on the way back from taking these pictures?

There he is!