Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Squish squash

People keep on asking me if things are winding down for the year. We didn't have enough tomatoes to take some to Beaver market, but nothing is winding down yet! Dad is still picking sweet corn before work in the morning, and after work comes home and picks tomatoes until it gets dark. This weekend Sue and I spent all afternoon after market harvesting squash, and there is still more there. Here's some of what we gathered (you may have to scroll a little while):

Festival, a striped acorn squash
Acorn squash, you can tell that it is ripe by the nice bright orange color on the ground spot
Jarrhadale, with blue kuri (darker blue) below
Spaghetti squash
Blue hubbards and green hubbards
Kentucky Field pumpkin
Neck pumpkin, related to butternut
Pattypan squash