Friday, February 3, 2012


We were in Hershey Pennsylvania this week for the Mid Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Conference. (1/31/12-2/2/12).
Our growers' association is one of the sponsors for the convention. Besides Pennsylvania growers from New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and other states were present.
This beeswax and parafin sculpture was in one of the resturants at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center.
The weather was very mild and certainly different from last year. High temperature on Tuesday of 60. Becky and Phil took advantage of this to go on some lunchtime walks on the beautiful grounds.
Besides meetings covering all sorts of items of interest to vegetable and fruit growers there was a trade show with over 150 vendors. Everthing from equipment to chemicals to containers to farm groups to supplies to seeds and plants. This was with a seed company's display.
Oh, there was food also! Becky took this picture for the flowers but Phil liked the the food on the table.
So we learned some things, saw some friends, even went in the pool and hot tub one evening. Mostly got some ideas to try this year and our enthusiasm cranked up a little for a new season. Spring will be here soon!!