Friday, January 27, 2012


Seven inches of snow blanketed the farm on Saturday morning (1/21/2012).  Phil put the heater on the diesel tractor while we shoveled porches and paths.  Then he plowed the driveways.  We took a walk through the snowy woods on Sunday.  Temperatures soared to the 50s on Monday and the snow melted.

Douds Floyd Farm made another winter squash delivery to the food pantry on Tuesday.  Would you like to freeze some squash?  Would you like to feed a crowd with squash soup?  All remaining squashes are BIG (10 pounds)...OR HUGE(15-20pounds)... OR ENORMOUS(more than 20 pounds)!  Go to "Happy New Year" Jan. 4 post to see what you'd be preparing.  Contact us if you'd like to try one.

Visitors!  On Friday, about 3 dozen wild turkeys wandered up to our kitchen window.  They were pecking bugs from the soggy ground.


Apple pie is our dessert of choice!  I made two with Melrose for a neighbor's birthday,
 and this one is ours!

Next week Douds Floyd Farm will be at the Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Growers Convention.