Saturday, February 11, 2012

SNOW!! and Birds

After a mild winter with only 1 decent snow (Jan. 21st) this week has been the exception. It started off mild but a wet clinging snow came Wednesday.
Thursday was milder and most of the snow on the southern slopes melted. Friday afternoon snow started falling again. By dark or shortly afterward the ground was snow-covered again. PennDot was out on our road by 8PM. Predictions were 1 to 3 " then 2 to 4". Last I checked a total of 5" by Sunday. We also have a lot of wind so there is a lot of blowing snow with almost zero visibility at times. So Kate went sled riding. Phil and Becky watched from the window until Phil decided it looked like enough fun to brave the wind and cold (16.5 F, 15 to 25mph). Well it was fun but Phil was wondering if it was wise for someone almost old enough for medicare to ride a toboggan.

Even the birds were hunkering down during the gusts and squalls.
And speaking of birds next weekend, Jan. 17 to 19 is the Cornell Great Backyard Bird Count. It is a chance for all bird watchers (amatuer to professional) to assist the Cornell Ornithology Lab. Go to for more information.
Birds we regularly see at our feeders are:
sparrows that I don't know well
and occasionally
Lots of other bird spieces are around the farm but these are the most frequently seen around the feeders. What do you see at in your backyard?? Let cornell know next weekend!