Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Latest news....sort of

On January 3rd we reduced our stash of winter squash by about 100 spaghetti squash with a donation to the West Hills Food Pantry. We are planning another donation soon, so if you want any squash it would be best to call.

On January 13th and 14th Phil and Becky volunteered at the PA Farm Show, helping with the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers' Association food booth. This was our view of the farm show:

We left Friday (1/13/2012), 8:30 AM, snow squalls until through the Allegheny Mountain tunnel, arrived in Harrisburg about 1 PM and waited (in traffic, for the shuttle bus, in traffic again) to finally get into the Farm Show complex at 2:45 just in time for our 3 to 9 PM shift. On Sat. we volunteered 8 AM til 3:30 PM, got something to eat and drove home. There may have been something to do with farming at the show but all we saw was soup, pies, salads, Strawberry Surprise and CROWDS!!

Actually we were glad to volunteer for the PVGA. It is a statewide association of vegetable growers we belong to. The money raised at the Farm Show and Ag Progress Days in August is used to support vegetable research and provide scholarships to ag students.

If you can't get to the Farm Show next year you can watch it live on the Pennsylvania Cable Network or check out this website for highlights of this year:
That's how we found out what went on.