Saturday, July 28, 2007

The taste of summer

We've had our first garden-ripe tomato. There aren't too many yet, but in another couple weeks there will be plenty. It seems late, but this is about the usual time for this region unless they have been forced early by being covered every night in the early spring. We've started to pick the beans also, which is Aunt Christie's speciality, but she has needed help to keep up. On Wednesday mom, dad, and Sue planted the late cabbages and other cole crops to be ready for this fall. Lettuce is the only thing left to plant now, we'll do small plantings until it frosts. Some of our lettuces have not been entirely successful; we had a bunch of buttercrunch that just bolted in the hot weather before we could cut it. Other varieties, though, are doing well, and mom appreciates having something lightweight to harvest and load on and off of the truck.
The farmers markets have been doing well. Here are two pictures from our set-up last week at Beaver. We sure have been busy, and next week mom will need more help.
Aunt Laurie has had a busy first week and has enjoyed showing her customers the wagon shed's facelift. Here's the address for the complete story of the remodeling: Lots of pictures and a little bit of commentary. I did this late last night, so it may be a little bit rough on the edges, but you can get the jist of it.