Monday, July 30, 2007

I never dreamed of being so popular

Some people have reported having difficulty viewing the geocities page that I made with pictures of the wagon shed; it may say that it has been shut down due to activity and to contact your administrator. The problem is that they site allows only a small amount of downloading per hour, equivalent to about half the pictures on the site. So when everybody goes there at once, the site is overloaded and blocks viewing for the rest of the hour.

Here are some ways to work around it:
1. Go there during off-peak hours, like 2 am when trespassing dirt bikes on Dunn's Hill wake you up. Later in the evening like now, or after a few days when people have lost interest should work, also.
2. Browse the thumbnails and enlarge just the more interesting pictures. This recommendation applies only to readers under 50 with good eyesight.
3. Convince Dad to pay a little bit for our own web site so I don't have to rely on freebies.

Thanks to everyone who has alerted me to the problem, and sorry that you have had trouble accessing the page. I checked the statistics, and it said that 10 people have been turned away today--I'm just suprised and pleased that so many people have taken an interest in our farm. Later this week I'll take off my technical hat and post some updated pictures of the fields.