Thursday, July 19, 2007

Big surprise

The wagon shed is the oldest building on the farm. The design allowed a wagon or buggy to drive straight through. On one side was a corn crib, and upstairs were grain bins so that you could feed the horses when they came in. Aunt Laurie sets up shop there for three months in the summer, selling the produce at the farm. It was built in 1897, and after 110 years it needed a little remodeling.So we got a crew in to replace a rotting beam and fix the foundations ... and put on new siding to keep the rain out, and the road dirt, and the noise of passing cars. Plus there are doors that will make it easier to close up at night.And a cement floor means that people don't have to walk through mud on rainy days, and we don't have to put down sawdust and boards.Aunt Laurie was in New York since July 1 and had no idea that the wagon shed was getting fixed. So today when she came home, she got a big, one-day-late, birthday surprise. Now she has to get everything set up quick because the store opens tomorrow.

Eventually I will get a separate page posted with all kinds of pictures from the construction. Stay tuned!