Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plants in the ground

  • Last Saturday Mom tried to ease the crowding in the greenhouse by moving the lettuce and biggest cabbage to outside benches. Then, because Sunday night the temperature was predicted to drop down into the 30's, she moved them back in. Monday after work dad spread fertilizer and harrowed it in. That stirred up some dust; we need rain.

  • Tuesday evening he and mom laid plastic and drip irrigation tape. It's white plastic instead of black to reflect the sun and keep the ground a little bit cooler.

  • By Wednesday morning, deer had walked across it in three places. That evening we put our own holes in it, planting the lettuce. We were set up to use the water-wheel transplanter, but it was too deep and muddy for the little plants. Instead, after driving down the row to make holes and drop plants, we went back and set them by hand. We managed to get two rows done before it got dark. I don't have any pictures of this part; I was actually working instead of taking photos.