Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer fields

Blue skies...a welcome sight in this rainy season.

Tomatoes, 2000 of them, with 1000 stakes and first string.
Solar-powered electric fence (foreground) keeps out deer.

Sweet corn much taller then "knee-high by the Fourth of July!" 

Puddles make it difficult to harvest summer squash.
Make a tasty, colorful medley using 10 varieties.

Pepper patch with a few skinny yellow hot bananas. 

Cool weather crops on white mulch,
to provide cooler soil, conserve moisture and grow cleaner produce. 

We are harvesting Lettuce II now.
These 2 rows of Lettuce III will be ready soon. 

Candy onions love these warm rainy days.

Broccoli (foreground) coming soon!

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