Sunday, July 6, 2008

A few words about our lettuces

We grow five types of lettuce Lactuca sativa, red and green of each type. To produce lettuce continuously, we make successive plantings of nearly 500 plants each. Lettuce I was planted in the flower garden, because the field pictured below was not ready. Pictured below are two rows of Lettuce II, in the background, which are presently being harvested. Lettuce III (middle) will be ready soon. Lettuce IV (foreground) was field planted on July 1.

Coastal Star (green romaine) and Outredgeous (red romaine), also known as cos, has thick, crisp, juicy leaves with sweetness unmatched, according to Johnny's Seeds

Saladbowl (green oakleaf lettuce) and Red Saladbowl (red oakleaf lettuce) has delicate, tender lobed leaves.

New Red Fire (red leaf lettuce) and Two Star (green leaf lettuce)

Sylvesta (green bibb lettuce) and Red Cross (red bibb lettuce), also known as Boston or butterhead, has large ruffly outer leaves surrounding a soft folded and blanched heart.

Nevada (green) and Magenta (red) Batavia lettuce, also known as French crisp or summer crisp has very crisp leaves that are sweet and juicy.

ENDIVE...coming soon!

Your comments please:
  • What is your favorite lettuce?
  • Your description of the taste of one of our lettuces.
  • Share a recipe.