Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Buckeye" tree blown down

Two weeks ago, mom and dad woke up to find that a quarter of the "buckeye" tree had blown down overnight. They were fortunate that it had fallen away from the house.It tore down the wires from the pole that carries electric to the barn, wagon shed, and other farm buildings. The power line on the road was pulled to be over the middle of the road. You might be able to see how much they are distant from the phone lines in the picture below--it's very faint.After Dusquene Light came and fixed the wires, they cut and stacked wood and put the brush on the wagon to haul away. The tree will have to come down.We've always called this the "buckeye" tree, but it is a really a horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastatum. This venerable tree grew from a buckeye (or chestnut to be particular) that grandma brought from a tree near her house in Beaver when they moved out to the farm.

It was badly damaged in a storm, so her father took a chain and pulled the split trunk together. The trunk healed around the chain, so that just the ends stuck out from the trunk. You can still see one end where four links hang down, and you might be able to discern the other end of the chain in the rotted part of the trunk.