Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring is coming ...

... kind of. Kate made this summery butterfly in the wet snow last Friday. Monday temps hit 70. Tuesday it poured. Poorhouse Run was full to its banks with muddy rushing water and walking thru the fields was not an option. Thursday the sun shone bright and I enjoyed an hour in a friend's hot tub gazing up at the blue sky. Today, Friday, we are in another winter weather advisory with freezing temperatures and snow and sleet and rain. One evening as he brought in the mail, Phil was singing. A box of seeds had arrived! Except for a few back-orders, we have most of the seeds we need.
The luffas harvested last fall were immature. They rotted rather than drying. These were found in the field recently, looking like the upper one; the thin shell was peeled off to reveal the useful interior fibers.