Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter is here

Snow is covering the ground, so mom is in raptures over the beauty, and dad is grumbling about the cold. At the end of last week, before it snowed, mom planted the garlic in the rows where sunflowers had been growing. It was a little bit late, but at the recommended time in mid-October we were too busy. Good thing we're not superstitious about planting at the right side of the moon--there never seems to be time to farm according to that schedule.

Now that the temperature has really dropped (it was 9 degrees last night) the garage is too close to freezing for storage, so the last squashes were moved to the basement. The best climate to store squash is somewhere cool (about 55 degrees) and dry. Some squash will store exceedingly well. When they were putting the squash away, mom found this butternut squash that was left from last year. It has a few spots, but hasn't rotted yet. I'm just thrilled that there's room to park in the garage since the squash and sorting tables have been put away.