Monday, November 12, 2007

Still going to market

This weekend has been the typical November, cloudy and wet. Last night we had quite a bit of rain, with some thunder and lightning, but I can't give any exact figures because we took the rain gauge down when it went below freezing to keep it from cracking. Despite adverse conditions, mom and Sue are still going to market on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. There is still lots of squash, pie pumpkins, and a few cabbage to bring.
The basil was completely killed by the cold weather; parsley and weeds remain unaffected.
Things are winding down, and it's time to start cleaning up and preparing for next year. Roger brush-hogged the corn in the flat field (you know you're in W. Pa. when you name a field the flat field, and it's perfectly clear which one you're talking about). If we're lucky and have a mild fall and early winter, we'll be able to pick up all of the plastic and tomato stakes so that the fields will be ready for next year.

On Saturday, dad went to the Western Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers conference, and heard an interesting presentation by Steve Groff on no-till farming. There is always something new to learn about farming, whether it's a new seed variety, a new method of farming, or a piece of equipment that will make work easier. That's what keeps it interesting.

Mom (on her own, all I did was add links!) added two more recipes to our website. The first one is basic instructions for how to cook squash, and the other is a nice recipe for a squash-apple bake I'll put some pictures in when mom or I have some time to make it and take some.