Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Drying out

Last week storms brought over five inches of rain and some heavy wind. We did not get any major damage or flooding, like some areas closer to Pittsburgh and some places in Ohio did. On Thursday mom and Sue got pretty wet at market. The zucchini vines and leaves were damaged a little bit, but at this time of year, maybe everyone is tired of zucchini anyway. One thing that people aren't tired of is cucumbers; unfortunately, ours have gotten disease and quit producing sooner than expected. The beans were also affected by all the rain; when they stay damp for a while, they tend to get a white mold. It remains to be seen how the tomatoes and peppers will be affected by the extreme heat wave. Sometimes they don't set fruit in very hot weather.

But now for the good news! The peppers are producing prolifically right now, and just beginning to turn red. Enough tomatoes have ripened that Aunt Laurie took off the two pound limit for people buying at the farm, and mom was able to take a few quarts to market on Monday. Even better, our few melons have ripened so I can have sweet cantaloupe for lunch. And despite the minor problems that I mentioned earlier, lots of crops are coming in pretty well. In a month or so, we'll have even more when the winter squash start.