Sunday, June 10, 2007

To market, to market, to sell the fresh veg.

Mom has started going to all three of our regular markets already: Ambridge on Thursday, Beaver on Saturday morning, and Coraopolis on Monday. It's much sooner than we usually begin at market, but this year we have an early crop of lettuce and some bok choy. There are some gaps in the lettuce field now that harvest has begun, but we'll fill them in as the next seedlings grow big enough.
Thursday was a very busy day. Sue came over to help plant the tomatoes. When mom had to leave for market, our young neighbor Anthony came over to help finish the field. That day they got over 2,600 plants in. On Friday, dad and mom filled up the last couple rows with some indeterminate heirloom varieties. Today Anthony dropped stakes between every two plants. They are for the trellis system. Next the stakes need to be hammered in, and twine strung around the plants.Over the weekend Dad hooked up the irrigation to all the peppers and tomatoes. Then it rained 0.7" again. It's still good to have a backup system in case it's a dry summer.