Saturday, April 7, 2012

April brings no showers

Mom says, "Now that the weather is nice and we have lot's to write about, I don't want to be in at the computer.  I'd be rather be outside doing stuff." So, here's what they are doing today:

Dad is spreading manure, or to put it nicely, adding organic matter to the soil.  It's a two tractor job.
The greenhouse is filling up.  After starting the first peppers right after it was covered, Dad has now moved on to planting seeds for the early tomatoes.  Mom has been transplanting peppers from the small flats (244) to large (36 or 48).  She started out working in her carhart overalls, but soon changed to lighter gear late this morning, and now she took a break for somewhere cooler.  Even on a mild day with a brisk breeze the greenhouse gets hot.

What else is planted?  Besides tomatoes and LOTS of peppers, there is some lettuce (shown above), cabbage and other cole crops, and onions.

Maybe we will soon get some April showers and the people who are doing all this work will have time to come inside and post something.
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