Friday, May 25, 2007

Cabbage planted

Today was the last day dad had work at Penn State (until August), so now he has all day to farm. This week he plowed up more fields in the evenings, did some spraying, and planted more corn. He and mom laid plastic, some white below the gas house for cabbages, and some long rows below the red shed for zucchini, cucumbers, and some of Jamie's pumpkins. On Wednesday we planted about twelve flats of cabbage, plus a few Napa cabbages. The planted worked smoothly; we could just ride along and shove the plants in. Last evening they planted the next batch of onions--500 of them. In the picture mom is poking the holes and opening the point. Dad's job is to drop the onion down the tube. It took them about an hour to get them all planted.

Here you can see the first planting of corn is up several inches. On the other side of the row, a later crop is coming up.
Three weeks ago I started the seeds for the large gourds and pumpkins. I planted eight Big Max pumpkins, and seven different kinds of lagenaria: bushel, zucca, African wine kettle, snake, luffa, Chinese bottle, and mini bottle. They take extra long for growing and can have spotty germination, so I wanted to be sure that they would grow--as you can see, at least half of each kind have.